What We Are About

By inspiration, invention, and enthusiasm, we will continue to reinvent the beauty business one product at a time. Our current collection of vegan, cruelty-free goods includes Eyes, Lips, Face, and Special Collections. Our goal is for our Bel Beauties to be empowered and liberated to embody their inner girl boss. Bel Larenn Cosmetics is just getting started, and we hope you can join us on the ride since we won't be stopping anytime soon.

How It All Started

Acolla Edwards launched Bel Larenn Cosmetics in 2022. She is the CEO, inventor, innovator, and owner of this rapidly expanding beauty business. My struggles with both physical and emotional health led to the founding of Bel Larenn Cosmetics. I founded my brand, Bèl Larenn Cosmetic, which translates to "beautiful queen," using my enthusiasm for the beauty industry. Through the use of my natural skin care products and the addition of cosmetics to my brand, I hope to improve the lives of women and men who struggle with mental health issues and cater to their journey toward self-love. This is true whether you choose to be natural or not.


Our Mission

Building confidence in each of our Bel Beauties is a top priority for us as a female-owned company. As long as you love and believe in yourself, others will do the same. Confidence is the best makeup, in our opinion. the process of assembling a strong group of people.

They will look fantastic while utilizing our goods to create their own beauty, and our goal to continue offering luxury at an affordable price will be accomplished. everyone can afford cosmetics. Our goal is to offer our clients the greatest products and services because we genuinely care about them. We are dedicated to keeping our minds fresh and our solutions original. establishing a diverse workplace that matches our values and the brand. All boss babes are the focus of Bel Larenn Cosmetics commitment to empowerment and upliftment.